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What can I say, Drunken Batman’s Evening at the Adler rocked. A lot of different topics were covered, from future directions in computer languages to working with customers from a small business standpoint. I won’t talk too much about the evening, as DB should be posting a video of the roundtable event soon.

The after party is what brought this event together. I got a chance to meet and talk to a lot of people that evening. I think it was great that many people from various online news sites were there. I spoke briefly with Clint and Jacqui from Ars Technica, Justin Williams from, and Scott McNulty who was representing The Unofficial Apple Weblog. I’ve seen Justin at a couple of conferences in the past but have never had a chance to actually talk to him, so it was great to meet him this time around. Actually, he was interviewing some attendees of the event and asked me a few questions. There’s a PodCast posted on with my interview mixed in with those of some very prominent developers. It’s kind of cool to see my name listed with these other big names that have been in the business much longer than I have. Thanks Justin!

I also talked to a lot of other developers at the event. I was a little surprised at how many people there worked (or will be working) at Apple. They had quite a showing for being headquartered out in California.

Overall I had a good time and I hope there’s other events like this in future years. It’s a great way to replace conferences like ADHOC and Mac OS X Con that have disappeared this past year.


  1. Justin Williams

    Glad you liked the interview. Perhaps next time you can sit on the panel. 🙂

  2. logtar

    Dude you are one of the big names! Seems like you had an awesome time.

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