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Month: October 2004

Ordered a G5!

Well, the time has come to give my trusty 667Mhz TiBook some rest. I just ordered a new G5 today. Here are the specs:

Apple has it’s rebate promotion going for HP printers, so I couldn’t turn down an All-In-One for $30. 🙂 I’m hoping it will ship sooner than the estimated 3-5 weeks. Others have posted in forums online saying they received theirs after only a week or two. Maybe I’ll be lucky as well.

Anyway, I’ll post a full report and some photos when the machine arrives.


Eric Sink, who has written a lot of different articles about starting a small software business, recently wrote one that hit home for me here at Gaucho Software. The article talks about what he learned after a month of starting his own Micro-ISV, or single-developer software company. His situation is a bit different than mine here, simply because he still has his normal paying job and is programming his Winnable Solitaire on the side, but he still makes a lot of good points in the article.

Speaking of Gaucho Software, I recently configured some discussion forums for the company. I believe it will help me keep in touch with my user population, and will help users keep in touch with other users. There are already a couple of discussions up about XRG, so if you are interested check it out.

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