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Month: June 2006

Conversion Rates

Rogue Amoeba put out this challenge for other Mac software developers to share their conversion rates. These numbers for Gaucho Software are for the month of March, which is the most recent month with an average amount of activity.

  Seasonality Dash Monitors XRG
Downloads: X 3.5X 3.7X
Sales: Y 0.3Y N/A
Conversion Rate: 6.9% 0.5% N/A

The conversion rate here for Seasonality is a little bit high. I checked a couple of other months and the rate was a more modest 4-5%. Looking at these numbers, it looks like the best way to increase my sales is to either get more people to try Seasonality, or to improve Dash Monitors enough to increase it’s conversion rate.

One interesting note is that even though XRG hasn’t been updated since the beginning of 2005, it is still my most downloaded product. Of course, this changes during a month with a Seasonality or Dash Monitors release. For example, so far this month with the release of version 1.3, Seasonality has been downloaded 3.5 times more often than XRG.

Seasonality 1.3

After 5 or so months of work Seasonality 1.3 is finally ready. Version 1.3 is a Universal Binary, and it runs much nicer on Intel Macs than 1.2 had previously. I’ve also made several code optimizations, so even if you don’t have an Intel Mac you will observe a noticeable speed increase, especially while working with the satellite image and graphs.

There are plenty of new features this time around. The biggest one is a new Weather Journal. You can create a journal entry for each day and Seasonality will automatically keep track of high/low temperatures and sunrise/sunset times for that day. Then add your own text or photos to the entry. It uses a standard NSTextView, so all the typical text editor properties are available. Thanks go out to whoever worked on NSTextView at Apple/NeXT for making it so easy. 😉

There’s also a new graph interface that’s pretty cool. I received a lot of requests to be able to show more than 2 graphs at once, so this new interface will allow users to show all 6 graphs at the same time.

Another big new feature is the new radar overlay imagery. Technically, the radar images are the same as they were before, but instead of being restricted to just showing radar imagery in the vicinity of your configured locations, now Seasonality will automatically fetch radar images for wherever you happen to be browsing in the U.S., Guam and Puerto Rico. A large piece of the code to support the new radar images is a new image overlay class I created. This will make it much easier to add additional image overlays at a later point in time, and even allow users to add their own image overlays eventually. I’m hoping to find suitable radar overlays for other parts of the world, another often-requested feature.

I’ve added a couple of tips to the General Seasonality Forum. Be sure to check them out and while you’re there, feel free to post some feedback. 🙂

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