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Happy Birthday XRG

XRG turns 3 today. XRG 0.1.1 was released on October 24, 2002. It’s been great working on the project, and I wrote up some memories and experiences when developing XRG on a separate page. I also spend some time talking about the early days of XRG, so definitely check it out.

Thanks to all the XRG users out there, here’s to several more years of XRG development.


  1. Bob

    Happy birthday XRG!

    I can’t believe I have been using this software for three years. It is without a doubt the program that has the most running hours on my Mac. I’ll bet I don’t even run Mail or Safari as much. XRG is just always running in the background making me feel good about what’s happening on my system.

    Thanks Mike!

  2. logtar

    I feel Jelous… I almost want to buy a mac just to run this. I actually do need a laptop for the kitchen, maybe I can take the plunge and go mac… 😮

  3. mike

    Go for it logtar…though I’m not sure if just to run XRG. 🙂 Mac OS X and included software is pretty nice though.

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