Woke up this morning to find that the Internet connection here had gone down. I looked on the router, and it didn’t have a WAN connection to the wireless modem, which I thought was kind of strange. The modem is in an unfinished part of our basement (in a cabinet) right next to our sump pump, because it needs to be pretty close to the antenna outside and my office was too far away. I tried cycling the power on the modem, but that didn’t seem to work. Then all of a sudden the connection started flickering a little. It’d go on and then off a few seconds later.

I thought I might know what the deal was, but wanted to be sure, so I ran the cables out of the cabinet into the home theatre room and put the modem there. Sure enough a few minutes later the modem came back to life and the connection was fine. Figures that the best place to have the modem is a place that gets too cold for the thing to run. I checked the environmental specs and it will run down to 32°. It got down to 15° last night here, so that must have done it. Opening up the cabinet door probably warmed up that space just enough for it to start working again, thus the flickering connection.

Just another thing we didn’t have to worry about out west.