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Month: March 2004


I believe this was posted in the last few days on Slashdot, but there are a couple of guys that are starting to make quick videos on different topics relating to hacking. The show is called thebroken, and they already have 3 episodes out so far. Think of it as a 10-15 minute show that covers a couple of topics that might be covered in a magazine like 2600, except a little more watered down, slightly younger, and a lot more fun. For example, the first episode has information on how to go out war driving for WiFi hotspots (including the process of cracking a WEP key), and finished up with showing how to use social engineering to get a free pizza. 🙂 The third episode is pretty good as well…learn how to fry your computer pretty easily “just in case” and see an interview with Kevin Mitnick.

Just a disclaimer, I don’t endorse any of the activities that are shown in the episodes. I’ve always found it interesting to learn about the possibilities of hacking randomly without ever really acting on them. That said, if you dig this kind of stuff, check it out.


I’m a total LaunchBar fanatic. Since I started using it last year, it has become an indispensable tool on my Powerbook, and I’m caught by surprise when I use another Mac that doesn’t have it installed.

Today I was browsing this forum over at MacNN and noticed some people mentioning a new launch manager similar to LaunchBar, called Quicksilver. I decided to check it out, and it looks like it has a lot of potential. They are still in the beta stage of the project (beta 19 is the most current), but it seems to work well, and has a nice interface too. The only problem that I’ve found with it is that it’s not fast enough. I might just be spoiled by LaunchBar’s speed, but now I expect a launcher to be ready to go as soon as I hit command-space. Launching a utility in LaunchBar takes less than a second, but Quicksilver takes a second or two just to display, and another couple of seconds for me to type in a shortcut and find what I want. In the long run, things will keep getting faster though, so it’s probably nothing to worry about.

Anyway, check it out here if you’re interested. The best part about Quicksilver is the price…free!


As Michael McCracken commented in the writeback of my First Blog Posting, he wrote an app called Blapp to post to Blosxom blogs from a very handy interface. This is my first time giving it a go, so I hope this works. 🙂 So far I am very impressed. The main application window is a Blog Items view. Here you get a listing of all your posts, organized by date. Optionally, you can switch to the Files section and it will give you a hierarchical listing of your blosxom directory. Double click on an entry, and a blog posting window shows up. Each blog posting window is split up into two sections. The top is where you write your HTML, and the bottom gives you a live preview of what it will look like when it’s rendered.

This is definitely cool, and I recommend checking it out if you use blosxom. <Publish>

XRG Featured on MacOS X Hints

Last Tuesday I was pleasantly surprised to find XRG featured as the MacOS X Hints Pick of the Week. Robg had a lot of good things to say about the app. Getting reviews like this is what makes all the development time I’ve put into XRG worth it. The amazing thing is how much traffic I have gotten in the past few days just from their site alone. Their site has generated almost 3,000 visits (over 40,000 hits) since Tuesday morning, more than twice as many visits than any other Mac news site that XRG has been featured on, including this article on MacSlash. It’s a good thing I’m not paying any hosting fees for my bandwidth. 🙂

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