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Some very cool events are coming up in the next several weeks that I’ll be attending. The first event is the Ohio LinuxFest two weeks from now. Registration is completely free thanks to their sponsors, so all I have to pay for is the hotel. It’s a one-day conference covering topics from server virtualization to running an open source company. Should be good to get back out to a Linux-focused conference…the last one I attended was OSCon back in 2002.

The other upcoming event I’m looking forward to is DrunkenBlog’s Evening at Adler. There are some well known Mac developers who are traveling from all over to be on the panel, and it sounds like quite a few others are going to attend as well. I haven’t finalized plans to attend this one yet, but I’ll be trying to find a hotel soon.

This brings up one cool thing about living in the midwest: things are so close. I can hop across to a few different states without driving too far. Back in California/Arizona, you have to drive such a distance just to get to the next metro area and it’s a pretty big deal to go to the “next state.”


  1. Matt

    You should create an account on and list you events there. I’ve been doing it for awhile. It’s free and has some pretty cool features; you have reminders sent your email, you can put a badge on your site, check out other events, etc etc. Just thought I’d suggest it.

  2. mike

    Cool, thanks for the tip. From your blog link, it looks like you live in Mt. Pleasant as well. Good to find another local blogger.

  3. drunkenbatman

    Doesn’t mount pleasant (or is it mount prospect?) have that killer little mexican place called Sylvia’s Le Tejanita?

  4. mike

    Unfortunately, there aren’t any good Mexican food places around here, nothing by the name of Sylvia’s anyway. We were spoiled while living back in Arizona and California. Here, it’s difficult to get even a halfway decent burrito. I always try to bring back extra burritos from any big city I visit–sad, I know. 🙂

    I’m hoping to hit up at least one good Mexican restaurant while visiting Chicago next weekend.

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