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Everything you wanted to know about floats but where too afraid to ask…

There’s a quite interesting blog post over on Ridiculous Fish about how floats are formatted in memory and what kinds of numbers they can represent. This should be required reading for every Computer Science student. I wasn’t taught any of this at UCSB except for the mantissa/exponent way of representing a float and that sometimes an integer stored in a float was not really an integer.


  1. logtar

    I was so mislead by this title, I was hoping for something along the lines of why a fish floats, or maybe a rootbeer float… but no it has to do with intimagigets and fluxcapacitors.

  2. mike

    Hah. All you need to know about a rootbeer float is that it tastes good. 🙂 As for the fish…ehh…they swim or something.

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