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1Gb of Traffic!

March was the first month that I’ve gotten over 1Gb of traffic on my web server, 1.07Gb to be exact. Probably chicken feed compared to some sites of more popular software, but it’s a pretty good milestone for me.

Advertising in Web Server Logs

Today I was checking out my web server statistics and I came across 5 or 6 lines in the referrer section that advertised sites that would never link to my web server. I really hope this isn’t a new form of “SPAM” that will be used by advertising companies in the future.

You would think that the number of people who actually look at their web server logs wouldn’t be large enough for companies to go through the trouble of faking a referrer. Also, personally, I will be a lot more pissed off if things like this throw off my log statistics than I do when I get some SPAM in my inbox. At least there are some reasonable ways to block most advertising email (I use a combination of SpamAssassin on the server and Apple’s Client that is blocking about 99% of the SPAM I get now). Then again, spammers never cease to amaze me in the hacks they put together just so people might see their ads.

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