The rumors are growing for a new 12 inch MacBook Air.  According to MacRumors, this laptop would be slimmer than the current MacBook Airs, fanless, and come in the same silver/gold/space gray color variations as the iPhone.

Sounds like an clamshell iPad with a keyboard to me.

The new notebook has a much thinner design the appears to sacrifice many of the usual ports seen on Apple’s current notebooks and may adopt the new reversible 

USB Type C

 connector that has seen its specifications recently finalized.

The MacBook Air has very few ports to begin with (video, USB, headphone and an SD card slot on the 13″).   If you are sacrificing many of the usual ports, you end up with no ports at all, like the iPad.

Interestingly, the report raises some questions about charging on the notebook, indicating that the usual MagSafe port has been removed in favor of a new, unspecified charging method.

Hmm, like a Lightning cable?  It’s reversible too.

In line with previous rumors, the machine is reportedly fanless, suggesting it will adopt an ultra low-power processor such as the 

Broadwell-Y Core M processors

 recently announced by Intel.

The A8 is another ultra low-power processor…

Many people prefer the iPad as a productivity machine.  With a standard keyboard attached, you can definitely get some serious work done.  A 12″ iPad with a permanent keyboard attached sounds like a great little mobile computer.