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I’m getting ready to head off to C4 tomorrow morning. I was pretty excited when I first heard Wolf was putting together this conference, and signed up the day after he publicly announced it. With people like Wolf, Gruber, Brent, Gus, and DB all presenting there, along with some people I haven’t met (Steve DeKorte and Brian Fitzpatrick), this should be a really good conference. Things have been pretty crazy here the past few months, so it will be good to get away from the usual work and spend some time socializing with other developers.

While I’m in the Chicago area, I’ll also get a chance to spend some time both with John and my cousin, so that will be pretty cool as well. I’m hoping to have some time left-over for photography, but we’ll have to see how it goes. The Chicago Marathon is this Sunday, so that might give me a chance to practice some action photography.

Anyway, if you see me at C4, be sure to say hello.

Some Excellent Blog Postings

There has been a flood of excellent blog postings these past couple of days. Most are related to WWDC, but I threw in a few others as well. Here are the ones that caught my eye…

Brent’s WWDC talk: Brent has posted several entries on his blog, requesting tabbed interface updates (I second this), the open sourcing of Cocoa, UI requests for Leopard, and other random WWDC speculation.

Gus’ WWDC Predictions: Gus predicts resolution independence, VMware for Mac goodness, and other changes in Leopard.

Happy WWDC Guesses: Luis de la Rosa over at HappyApps has a few guesses up his sleeve as well.

Mike McCracken Cards: Mike McCracken won’t be able to make it to WWDC this year, but he’ll be there in spirit thanks to these hilarious cards he put together and posted on his blog today.

My imaginary friend hates your imaginary friend: Logtar talks about religion with respect to the latest political events unfolding in the Middle East. Very insightful.

The Price Is Wrong: Daniel Jalkut at Red Sweather Software talks about pricing shareware applications. Very good read.

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