This just went live in the last 24 hours. Along with working on my own Gaucho Software products such as Seasonality, Dash Monitors, and XRG, I also consult for other firms. I’ve been working with Jeremy and the rest of the DynDNS team on their Mac update client for quite some time. Just recently, version 2.0 of the project has reached a stage where it’s ready for public beta consumption. The interface, developed by FJ de Kermadec and his team at Webstellung is top notch, and does a great job hiding the complexity of everything going on behind the scenes. We still have some work yet to do before a final 2.0 release is ready, but I think the app is looking pretty good thus far.

If you use DynDNS services, check it out. If you aren’t using DynDNS services, give their website a look-see to determine if you should be using their services. 🙂