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Seasonality 1.4

I released Seasonality 1.4 out into the wild this morning. So far the release is going pretty nicely, without any major bugs found as of yet. I’ve been using the beta for the past few months without finding any major issues, so I kind of expected this to be a pretty stable release. The forecast server here has dished out over 700,000 forecasts up through yesterday (that’s without a final Seasonality release hitting it). I’m interested to see how long it will take to hit a million with this official release of version 1.4. Thanks go out to everyone who helped beta test this release.

Also, with the risk of writing about out-of-date news, I’ve posted a couple of weather articles over on the Gaucho Software Forums. First is an explanation for the fairly quiet Atlantic hurricane season this past year. I talk about some of the ingredients needed to form a hurricane, and what has been missing this year. The second article, posted last week, explains why why relative humidity is a bad measure of moisture in the atmosphere. If you’re interested in either of those topics, be sure to check out these articles. As a side note, I am patiently waiting for the next release of YaBB Forum software, which has RSS support so users will be able to subscribe to these weather articles I post. They have a feature-lock on the release, but no word yet on an expected release date.

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  1. logtar

    Congratulations on the release! Lets CELEBRATE!

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