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James Lileks of the Star-Tribune in the twin cities writes:

I have a new program that displays weather information from a variety of cities – such things are plentiful, I know, but this one suits my needs. It’s set up to tell me how things are in Mpls, Fargo, NYC, Scottsdale, and Glockamorra. Right now it’s 96 degrees in Scottsdale. At eight PM.

Sometimes I miss Arizona weather… The warm nights were wonderful. Want to go for a walk or bike ride in the evening? No problem, just walk outside. Don’t bother with a jacket (or even long sleeves). Of course monsoon season is incredible as well.

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  1. logtar

    Come and visit me… there is still pretty good weather over here 🙂

    And congrats on that plug 🙂 I also heard that your presentation at the MUG was fantastic.

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