Rogue Amoeba put out this challenge for other Mac software developers to share their conversion rates. These numbers for Gaucho Software are for the month of March, which is the most recent month with an average amount of activity.

Seasonality Dash Monitors XRG
Downloads: X 3.5X 3.7X
Sales: Y 0.3Y N/A
Conversion Rate: 6.9% 0.5% N/A

The conversion rate here for Seasonality is a little bit high. I checked a couple of other months and the rate was a more modest 4-5%. Looking at these numbers, it looks like the best way to increase my sales is to either get more people to try Seasonality, or to improve Dash Monitors enough to increase it’s conversion rate.

One interesting note is that even though XRG hasn’t been updated since the beginning of 2005, it is still my most downloaded product. Of course, this changes during a month with a Seasonality or Dash Monitors release. For example, so far this month with the release of version 1.3, Seasonality has been downloaded 3.5 times more often than XRG.