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Living in Michigan…

Fact #382
If you live in Michigan and your household internet access is via a wireless link, watch out for ice storms. The ice will collect on your antenna and take your internet connection down.

Fact #383
If above-mentioned situation with ice on an antenna exists, a hairdryer is an effective tool for removing the ice.

A pretty wicked ice storm came through here yesterday and our internet connection went down yesterday afternoon. When we woke up this morning everything was covered with ice, it was quite an amazing sight. Clearing the antenna took about 20 minutes outside up on the ladder with an extension cord to plug the hairdryer into, but the ice is gone and our internet connection is back online. 🙂


  1. logtar

    We experienced Michigan this morning too, we ended up in the middle ditch on 10. We are all safe and at work now, but the truck got its tail pipe bent 🙁

  2. mike

    Aww man, not the new truck! 🙁 Glad to hear you guys are okay.

  3. logtar

    No real damage, and we are safe… more of an unplanned off road fun.

  4. Andor

    What kind of antena is it? Maybe you can help it with some salt… Or maybe it will corrode the materials… 😉

  5. mike

    I wanted to try some de-icer, but didn’t have any at the time and figured this would be the fastest way to fix it. 🙂

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