A few Mac indie developers like Gus and Luis are running some unofficial developer benchmarks to judge the performance between PowerPC and Intel Macs. The benchmark is compiling Subversion, and it’s a pretty good method of metering performance impact because we spend all day compiling. 🙂

Anyway, I thought I would share the results from my dual 2.5Ghz G5 with 2.5GB of RAM, and to make the mix a little more interesting, I’ve also benchmarked a server here with a single Athlon64 3200+ processor (2Ghz) and 1GB of RAM running Kubuntu Linux.

Dual 2.5Ghz G5:    make -j2    3:22.64 with 174% CPU usage

   make -j4
   3:20.73 with 179% CPU usage

   make -j8
   2:34.94 with 179% CPU usage

   make -j12
   2:37.82 with 178% CPU usage

Athlon64 3200+:    make -j2    3:15.81

   make -j4

   make -j8

I was surprised to see that even though the Athlon box has only a single CPU, the performance is right up there with the dual G5. Also, from Luis’ benchmarks, it looks like my MacBook Pro numbers will be pretty competitive with the G5, though it will be interesting to see how a slower disk effects the benchmarks. Speaking of disk, I should mention that the Athlon box was compiling on a 3 disk RAID 5 partition. Disk usage while compiling should be negligible, but it might skew the numbers a bit.

Now if only Apple would support distributed compiling to any other machine with gcc installed, then I could split my work between the G5, Athlon, and forthcoming MacBook Pro. 🙂