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Blizzard 2006

In case you haven’t heard, the East Coast has been getting hit pretty hard by a blizzard today. New York City has reported 22 inches of the white stuff in some areas and the snow is still coming down. Jeff Masters has a report and some photos on his blog at the Weather Underground. Flickr also has some photos tagged with Blizzard2006. To everyone out there, stay safe while this gets cleaned up.

I feel just a little short-changed here… This storm came through Michigan Thursday night/Friday morning and barely dropped 2 inches of snow here. We should have at least gotten 5-7″ out of it… 😉

Update: This blizzard just hit the record books for NYC…

“The blizzard of 2006 has dropped the most snow ever on New York City, a record 26.9 inches as of 4:10 pm at Central Park. The previous biggest snowstorm of all time was 26.4 [inches], set Dec 26-27 1947.” –Jeff Masters, link above.

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  1. logtar

    That is just crazy!

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