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A few software updates have been released today. First off, I posted Seasonality 1.1.1 this morning. This is a bug fix release with quite a few changes from version 1.1. Check out the changelog here and download it here. Next up is version 1.2 and development is already in progress.

The bigger update is actually some consulting work that I have been doing. As of a few months ago, DynDNS now supports an official Mac client (DynDNS Updater) for users of their DNS services. I have been maintaining the code and adding new features since this past May when we forked Julien Jalon’s DNSUpdate code. DynDNS Updater 1.2 was released today and includes a new Dashboard widget and a few bug fixes. I think the widget came out pretty nice, and I had a great time working on it with Jeremy and Chris over at DynDNS. Congrats on the release.


  1. Otávio Cordeiro


    Can I do a question? Why “Gaucho Software”? I’m gaucho, from Rio Grande do Su, Brazil.
    Are you from here too?


  2. mike

    Actually, Gaucho Software came from a different avenue, not from the true gauchos like yourself in Brazil and other South American countries. I went to school at the University of California at Santa Barbara, where the mascot and teams names are the gauchos. I felt it was only appropriate to name the company Gaucho Software. Plus it gives me an opportunity to name servers here cool gaucho-themed names. One server I have right now is named pancho, and I have another on the way that I’m thinking of naming rio.

    Thanks for your question. 🙂

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