I apologize to everyone who was trying to get to my site and couldn’t these past few days. The network connection here went down Tuesday evening, and it’s maybe worked 5% of the time since then. It looks like the connection came back online early this morning, and this time for good. We’ll see if it lasts. Luckily I was able to transfer Gaucho Software’s website over to a hosting provider fairly early on in a short interval when the connection was working, so there was minimal downtime there. I have backup mail and DNS servers outside my network here as well, so those services weren’t an issue.

I’m really frustrated at this point because it took so long to fix, and it seems like it was a routing configuration issue. If hardware breaks and needs time to be replaced, that’s one thing, but to take several days to track down a routing issue seems unacceptable to me. I’m glancing around for other ISPs in town, but it’s difficult because DSL isn’t available where we live, and it’s pretty expensive for a business class cable modem line. The company I’m with right now offers a wireless link that’s 768kbits up/down and is only $5/month for a static IP.

Anyway, we’ll see how it goes. Just wanted to let people know I didn’t fall off the face of the earth. 😉