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Hurricane Katrina

In case you haven’t heard, hurricane Katrina will be hitting Florida during the next several hours. It’s pretty cool that they used Katrina’s name, since it’s not too common of a name to begin with. Anyway, thought I would take the opportunity to post another snapshot of Seasonality 1.1, this one is from Fort Lauderdale, FL:

Though completely new for this version, I’ve posted about the new satellite imagery a few times previously so I won’t talk about that here (that’s one heck of a storm though!). However, in this shot you can also see some new features in the graph views. For one, there are two new graph types, a Pressure Graph and Wind Direction Graph (I haven’t quite finished this one yet). Also, each graph now has a gear menu where you can choose which graph to display. Originally I thought I would just let people choose what the secondary graph would be, but in the end figured it wasn’t difficult to let people specify which dataset to display for both of them.

The list of new features for version 1.1 is pretty incredible. I’ve had more check-ins to the code repository than I can count, and as of right now I’ve added about 6000 lines of code since the last release (not including a lot of code refactoring). Furthermore, there are many areas where I was able to improve performance (sometimes 2 or 3x). It should be a pretty cool release, and hopefully sales will reflect that afterwards. 🙂


  1. Bob

    Very interesting to see how fast the barometric pressure drops as the storm approaches.

    Can’t wait for the new release. The satellite imagery looks great!


  2. logtar

    How does Katrina feel about the hurricaine being named after her?

  3. Katrina

    She’s tired of hearing about it from friends, family, and colleagues….

  4. logtar

    I can imagine.

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