In preparation for a Dash Monitors 1.2 release tomorrow, I’ve released MTK 1.0 this afternoon. Dash Monitors 1.2 will get all of it’s statistics from the MTK app and plugins, and so far it’s working great on my machine here.

I’m hoping to get some developer docs written soon, so people can write their own MTK plugins. In the meantime, all the current plugins are pretty simply laid out, so you can probably just look at any of those to pick up how a plugin should work.

If you want to use MTK Plugins in your own project, check out the source code for the mtk command line executable. The MTKController class is a pretty good place to start, and the entire class isn’t much more than 150 lines of code.

MTK is released under the GPL, so please respect the open source nature of the code. The archive includes a complete copy of the license. Basically, it boils down to free usage as long as your code is released under the GPL as well.