For some reason, I’ve found 0 time to blog recently, so it’s time to play catch-up.

Gus moved to the West Coast and is settling into his new place. Congrats to Gus and Kirstin on the move.

Brent has been posting his thoughts on Apple’s interface design in Tiger. I’m sure you’ve probably seen links to this on other blogs, but I thought I would post it anyway since all of the articles have been quite enjoyable to read.

WWDC is coming up! I’m flying out to the Bay Area tomorrow evening. Early, I know, but the airlines really aren’t convenient when you want to redeem frequent flyer miles. I’m spending the extra couple of days visiting with Katrina’s parents, so it should be a good time. This year I’m going to bring the digital camera to take some shots at the conference. Apple won’t allow photos to be taken in the sessions, so last year I figured a camera wouldn’t be of much use and I left it at home. I ended up missing out on some good photo opportunities though, so this year I’m bringing it along.