Seasonality is coming along really well, and I expect to release sometime before the end of next week. The code is done (unless I find any more bugs), and now I’m in the process of finishing up the business and web aspects of the application.

Releasing XRG was a piece of cake compared to the preparation required to release an application to sell. The XRG release just involved creating a DMG of the application, throwing together a simple website to download from, and sending emails to various sites to announce the release. At the time it seemed like a big deal, but looking back it was fairly low-stress. If something didn’t work, then it didn’t matter too much because XRG is free. 🙂

With Seasonality, I want the first release to go perfectly. I know it won’t, but if I try to make it perfect then hopefully I won’t hit far from the mark. There’s also all the work of actually selling the app. I’ve posted about registering Gaucho Software as a business, but there are other business aspects to take care of like registering with a sales company (in this case, eSellerate) to handle license registration, setting up an online store that works well and looks good, creating a web site that does a good job of communicating the coolness of the product, finding a hosting provider to offer the downloads (read about the great download fiasco of January 2005), and testing the hell out of the app.

Most of these I have been taking care of during the past week. eSellerate setup has been pretty nice, as they have a great web admin tool to help set up an online store. Configuring the templates for the online store has been more time consuming than I thought it would be, but I think it’s starting to look pretty good. Added registration code to the application was a new experience. Since I’ve never done this before, I’m a little concerned that I’m overlooking something and my app will be easy to crack. I’m probably worrying more about this than I should be. I’ve also been putting a lot of time into the product website, but I still have some more work to do in that respect.

For the hosting provider, I ended up going with Site5. After checking out some reviews, they got pretty high marks and they offered everything I was looking for except for mod_perl (and offer some cool things that I wasn’t looking for, like a dedicated IP just for my account). I signed up for an account on Sunday night, and they had it configured and ready to go within 15 minutes, which really impressed me considering I was signing up during off-hours. I scped all the files on over there, switched DNS, and everything seems to be working well. The box I’m on seems like it’s pretty new: quad 2.8Ghz Xeons with 2Gb of RAM, 3x160Gb drives, and a load that hovers around 0.1. I’m curious how far they will load up the machine before moving on to another host. From their other server stats though, it looks like they keep most of them with a load of 2-3 and only about half usage on the disk, so I’m thinking that kind of box should be able to handle a similar load without any problems.

Now all that’s left is testing the hell out of the app…and documentation. Bah, that’s gotta be the worse part of development. I’ve been putting off writing the Help and Readme files for days and now it’s to the point where I just need to sit down and take care of it.

I thought I would post a sneak peak of the Seasonality interface for all 3 of my loyal readers…so here’s a screenshot: (click for a full size version)