You may be wondering what’s been cookin’ in the Gaucho Software kitchen…or maybe you haven’t, in which case you can ignore the rest of this post. 🙂 There have been a couple of projects that have come to life during the past several months, but I’ve finally decided on one to go with and have brought it to a stage where a release is on the horizon. I’ve shown it to a few people and have generally gotten good feedback on it, and I’m hoping to have a beta release in the coming weeks.

So what kind of app is it? Well, NewApp is a weather monitoring software package called Seasonality. While working on XRG, I enjoyed writing code to monitor the weather, but there’s always a space constraint to work with in XRG. I wanted to take weather monitoring to the next level and offer it in a separate app. Some things, such as graphing weather over the past day, carry over from XRG to Seasonality. However, Seasonality doesn’t just stop there; there’s a whole lot more to offer. The first release will have features such as a 5 day forecast, weather radar, and the ability to monitor multiple locations. Future releases will include a lot more features that I feel will really set it apart from other weather software packages.

If you are particularly interested in the weather and would like to beta test Seasonality, let me know (my email address is on the left). I probably could use 5 more beta testers, all of whom will get free licenses when a final version is released. Also, if you have ideas for what you would like to see in a weather package that no one else offers, please get in touch with me.