If you live in or around Michigan, you’ve probably noticed the most recent string of snow storms. On Sunday we got about 10 inches of snow, and yesterday added about 2 more inches to that, along with a forecast for snow off and on for the rest of the week. As you can probably imagine, everything is covered with the stuff and the scenery looks particularly nice right now.

Last night was even more remarkable though. We were in between storms, and it was perfectly clear out with close to a full moon. Coming from an area that never got snow, it’s amazing how bright it is at night when the sky is clear, the moon is full, and there’s white colored stuff all over the place. It was so bright, that there were distinct shadows on the ground…err snow.

I was wanting to get a photo of it, but my digital camera here has been kind of acting up lately and I doubt the grainy shots it takes in low-light situations would have done the evening justice.