It’s been quite awhile since I’ve posted anything here, and that’s mostly a result of a busy holiday season, but Gaucho Software has been keeping me busier than usual as well.

After the release of Dash Monitors 1.0, I’ve received a lot of interest from 3rd parties about it’s continued development. Since the second dashboard contest deadline was on January 5th, I decided to set aside everything else and really go all out on Dash Monitors development. When January 4th came around, I ended up with a product that is far better than it was at version 1.0. A screenshot the graphical view of the widget appears on the right (I know, the image quality sucks…software bug…). Just to give a bit of an explanation of the Disk monitor…as you transfer to/from the hard disk faster, the discs will spin faster. The other graphs work pretty much as you see them. So we’ll see if it wins the contest or not…either way I believe Dash Monitors will be a great Widget to sell once I polish it up some more and Tiger ships.

Speaking of Tiger, the development builds are getting much more stable as time goes on, and I expect that Steve Jobs will announce an expected release date for Tiger at his MacWorld Expo keynote. Reminds me of a bar conversation back at WWDC where a few of us gave our initial predictions for a Tiger release date. Now I’m thinking May 15th might be a bit too late, but I’ll still stick with it.

As some of you may know, I was getting ready to release another version of XRG when the Dash Monitors development really kicked up again. This week, now that I can take a bit of a breather, I’m back to finishing up XRG 1.1. It’s looking pretty good so far and I expect to release it as soon as I can test the temperature graph on the iMac G5 to make sure all the sensors are showing up correctly. I haven’t decided if I want to push for next week so I have a MacWorld Expo release, or if I want to wait until the week after when it will be less likely to be overlooked in all the other MacWorld software releases.