Over on the Cult of Mac blog, check out what happens when you have a desk with a glass top and the glass breaks! I couldn’t imagine walking into my office to find that heap of a mess with all my hardware on the floor.

Speaking of hardware… 😉 Most of the pieces of my new G5 have arrived. The Cinema Display, 1Gb RAM upgrade, the All-In-One, and the iSight adapter for the new monitor all came within a couple of days after ordering. The G5 itself is still on hold. They expect it to ship by 11/17, but who knows when it will get here.

Of course with my luck, Apple has since added an nVidia 6800 GT to the configuration options and it’s only $40 more than the ATI 9800 XT that I ordered. I asked about changing my order, but they claimed it would delay delivery by 2-3 weeks. I figured the 9800 should be plenty fast and it probably isn’t worth the wait.