In case you haven’t heard, Linksys recently released a “network storage link” called the NSLU2. Basically it’s a box that you can plug in up to two external USB 2.0 drives and it serves them out NAS style. The box is running a stripped down version of Linux, which gives hackers interesting opportunities to customize the NAS to do other things such as acting as a CVS server, a print server, or an iTunes music server for Airport Express devices.

I already have a file server here at the home office, but if I didn’t, this product looks pretty cool. $80 for an embedded Linux box is pretty cheap, and it has a reasonable 32Mb of RAM to work with. If you’re interested in reading more about hacking it, check out the 4 part series of Hacking the Linksys NSLU2 over on Toms Hardware. Also, check out the page Jim Buzbee (the author of the articles) dedicated to his hacking attempts here. He has some interesting dmesg and /proc listings displayed.