I just wanted to point out a couple of apps that were updated in the past week or two. Both of these I use quite a bit, and get my highest recommendations.

The first is DesktopSweeper by Philippe Martin. I’ve been using this haxie since the first beta versions, and it’s definitely helped keep my desktop cleaner. Basically, it’s main function is to hide all of the icons on your desktop when you aren’t specifically in the Finder. When the Finder is your frontmost application, all of your icons are there, but when you switch away to do something else, DesktopSweeper will hide all the icons so they aren’t still cluttering your screen. It’s also nice because you can set a delay for how long to wait before hiding the icons. This makes it easy to be in the Finder, switch to another app to start a drag operation and drop it before the icons are hidden again. Version 1.1 was posted last week, so check it out.

The next app that I happen to be using right now is Blapp by Michael McCracken. Blapp is an app for all those bloggers out there using Blosxom. Editing is done in a nice split window where you can edit the source of the blog entry and see it rendered in HTML in real time on the other side of the window. Everything is made very robust, and setting up the configuration to sync with your blog is easy. Here is a link to the official Blapp page, but there isn’t an updated link to the version 7 download, so I included the link above where you can download the latest.