Well, one of the few things here at WWDC I can talk about here on my blog is the Keynote address. Most people have probably already heard the news. New hardware was kind of scarce except for the new LCD displays that were announced. I must say that after seeing the new 30″ monitor up close, I was awestruck. This display is incredible and would be a welcome addition to my desktop if it was a tad more affordable. 😉

On the flip side, good software announcements have been plentiful. Tiger looks like it will be a nice OS upgrade with the Core Image and Core Video libraries. I’m sure the Konfabulator developers aren’t too happy about the new Dashboard functionality in Tiger, though it looks like Dashboard will be a welcome addition to the OS. Hopefully the Konfabulator developers will find features that add a lot of value to their software over what Apple offers.

Overall, it’s been a great conference so far and I’m looking forward to the rest of the week.