I believe this was posted in the last few days on Slashdot, but there are a couple of guys that are starting to make quick videos on different topics relating to hacking. The show is called thebroken, and they already have 3 episodes out so far. Think of it as a 10-15 minute show that covers a couple of topics that might be covered in a magazine like 2600, except a little more watered down, slightly younger, and a lot more fun. For example, the first episode has information on how to go out war driving for WiFi hotspots (including the process of cracking a WEP key), and finished up with showing how to use social engineering to get a free pizza. 🙂 The third episode is pretty good as well…learn how to fry your computer pretty easily “just in case” and see an interview with Kevin Mitnick.

Just a disclaimer, I don’t endorse any of the activities that are shown in the episodes. I’ve always found it interesting to learn about the possibilities of hacking randomly without ever really acting on them. That said, if you dig this kind of stuff, check it out.