I’m a total LaunchBar fanatic. Since I started using it last year, it has become an indispensable tool on my Powerbook, and I’m caught by surprise when I use another Mac that doesn’t have it installed.

Today I was browsing this forum over at MacNN and noticed some people mentioning a new launch manager similar to LaunchBar, called Quicksilver. I decided to check it out, and it looks like it has a lot of potential. They are still in the beta stage of the project (beta 19 is the most current), but it seems to work well, and has a nice interface too. The only problem that I’ve found with it is that it’s not fast enough. I might just be spoiled by LaunchBar’s speed, but now I expect a launcher to be ready to go as soon as I hit command-space. Launching a utility in LaunchBar takes less than a second, but Quicksilver takes a second or two just to display, and another couple of seconds for me to type in a shortcut and find what I want. In the long run, things will keep getting faster though, so it’s probably nothing to worry about.

Anyway, check it out here if you’re interested. The best part about Quicksilver is the price…free!