Philippe Martin released an initial version of his haxie called DesktopSweeper a couple of days ago. DesktopSweeper allows you to toggle whether or not your desktop icons are displayed. To me, this is very useful since I don’t like having a lot of clutter on my desktop, but I still want to have shortcuts there to my most often used locations on the file system. The key combination used to toggle whether or not the icons are shown is configurable, but is set to command-enter by default. Hit that key combo once, and it hides all your icons, leaving a nice clean desktop. Hit it again, and all your icons show up again right where you left them. Response time is fast, and you don’t have to be in the Finder to use the key combination.

This is the most useful utility I’ve seen since I discovered LaunchBar 6 months ago. I also want to mention that I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Philippe for quite awhile now. He has given me a lot of input and ideas for XRG since the early days, and he does a great job of picking out small interface bugs and pointing out how things on XRG’s interface should work. Anyway, if you have a Mac, check out DesktopSweeper.