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During the past couple of weeks, I have been trying to add functionality to XRG that breaks beyond the bounds of the application itself. One area that I’ve finished is adding contextual menu’s for each graph with additional statistics and links to other applications and web sites. For the weather module, I wanted to link to an online weather site, but most sites go off of US zip codes and not the international standard ICAOs that XRG uses. I finally found a company online that offers free CGI weather server software as long as you have a link to their web site on your server. I gave it a go and modified the templates to match the XRG web page. You can check out the XRG Weather Server here.

Contextual menu support will be included with the upcoming release of XRG 0.5.0. I still have a ways to go before I finish 0.5.0, but it’s looking pretty nice so far. I want to get some feedback on the contextual menus before the release though just in case there is something blatantly obvious that I’m missing. Here’s a list of the menus for each module:

  • CPU Graph: Shows top 5 processes’ CPU usage, and a link to Apple’s Activity Monitor.
  • Memory Graph: Shows top 5 processes’ Memory usage.
  • Battery Graph: Link to open the Energy Saver System Preferences.
  • Network Graph: Shows separate total RX and TX stats for each network interface and links to open the Network System Preferences, Internet Connect, Network Utility, and NetInfo Manager.
  • Disk Graph: Link to open Apple’s Disk Utility.
  • Weather Graph: Shows more detailed current weather statistics and links to the XRG Weather Server for your configured ICAO.
  • Stock Graph: Links to detailed web stock information for configured stock symbols.

Am I missing anything? I’m sure I’ll get comments on it after the 0.5.0 release, but I’d like the menus to be as good as they can be for the initial release.

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  1. Branden

    When is it bad weather why do people get insane???
    I have noticed , that anytime it rains, or there is a freeze, the public panics, rushes out to the stores and buy up all the
    bottled water, batteries, flash lights, firelogs, and canned food. Why is this. You would think people that have been through
    this kinda weather before would understand that it will not last more than a day or two at the most.
    Another thing I have noticed is when it rains that all the dumb people again get on the roads and cause wrecks and everything
    What is wrong with the people? I would really like to know.

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