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MacPAD… Why didn't I think of this? today released an SDK to help save Mac software developers time when releasing their applications. If you have released a piece of software before, you know it is a ton of work. I usually spend a couple of hours writing something up, and posting it to all kinds of web sites. With MacPAD, it will be a lot easier. From their site, it sounds like Windows developers already have something similar to this…

Basically, how it works is you create a PAD file with information about your application release. This has a short description, long description, release notes, etc, all contained in an XML file. You then upload this file to your website and let other websites such as VersionTracker and MacUpdate know where your PAD file is. Then, all you have to do to release a new version is to simply update the PAD file at that URL. Other servers should pick up the change in a matter of hours.

I really hope that other software sites adopt this method of updating software, as it would make my life a lot easier when releasing XRG. The project is open source and has a page on SourceForge. You can find out more information about the MacPAD SDK here.


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