Rich Wareham released Desktop Manager 0.5.0 today. Here’s a quick list of new features.

  • New plugin-based system — almost all user-visible functionality is implemented by plugins.
  • New preferences pane — more like System Preferences.
  • Active screen edges — configurable, switching may be triggered by moving to screen edge.
  • Desktop-based pager — An often reqested feature. A desktop pager compatible with CodeTek VirtualDesktop(TM) skins.
  • Desktop switch transitions — Eight eye-candy switches for your enjoyment [EXPERIMENTAL].
  • Preliminary sticky window support — There is some code for sticky windows available. Currently it is used to make all panels sticky. This will be configurable in future [EXPERIMENTAL].
  • Other non-user-visible bug fixes and optimisations.

I’ve been using Desktop Manager since the 0.3.1 release, and in my opinion it’s the best virtual desktop tool available for MacOS X. It’s very light on resources, and the feature-set is almost exactly what I’m looking for (total sticky window support would be great for XRG). Anyway, if you have a Mac, check it out.