In the past couple of days I have discovered 2 pretty cool Shareware/Freeware applications for MacOS X. Short descriptions follow along with a screenshot.

The first is a freeware application called PhotoStickies by Christian Grunenberg. PhotoStickies allows you to show images in borderless windows. You can open either a local image or a image hosted on the web, and the nice part is that you can set a refresh time for that image. This is perfect if you want to monitor a webcam or system monitor graphs and don’t want to fill your desktop with several web windows. Another plus to this app is that you can order the windows to be below all others, so they aren’t getting in your way all the time.

The second app is shareware ($15) and is called Tailer+ by Chris Schleifer. Tailer+ allows you to display borderless text windows and either get the text from a command, or “tail” a file on the hard drive. The unregistered version allows up to 3 windows. Registering the app will remove that limitation. This application is still fairly new, but so far it’s looking pretty good and I’ve only found a few minor bugs.

Here’s a screenshot of both programs running on my Powerbook. In the top left corner, you can see 3 PhotoStickies windows monitoring various network bandwidth graphs created by MRTG. Then in the lower left corner I have a PhotoSticky of a webcam in the CS department here at the University of Arizona. It acts as my “window” here at the office since I don’t have one otherwise. 🙂 In the lower right corner there are two Tailer+ windows (one tailing my system.log, and the other tailing my console.log), and of course I have XRG on the bottom.