I’m trying to get XRG 0.4.0 ready for release next week. It looks like it’s going to be pretty good, so I’m pretty excited to get it out the door. The release will fix some bugs that XRG had with Panther, adds a battery graph and a few other new features.

Recently, I had some people email me asking how to donate to the XRG project. It was quite a shock, since I’ve always considered XRG my gift back to the open source community. However, it is difficult to turn down free money, so I added a donate button on the web page about a week ago, so we’ll see how that goes.

In case you didn’t notice, I also added a web page to the XRG site for past XRG versions. It’s hard to believe just how far XRG has come in the past year or so. One interesting statistic, the first public release of XRG had around 2,700 lines of code, where 0.4.0 is currently 10,600 lines of code.