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Cyber Bullying

Today there was an article in the Detroit Free Press about cyber bullying. Slashdot also had a story linking to the article. It’s amazing to me that these things happen, though I can’t say that I’m surprised. Kids have always done some pretty mean things, and technology now has armed them with new ways to take offense toward their peers.

Junior high and high school were already tough enough without other students taking “spy” photos and composing entire websites to give you a bad reputation. I want to know what gives these students such a strong urge to spend the time to make a website, just to put someone else down. I’d also be interested to find out how widespread this problem really is. It’s one thing to have it happen at a couple of schools, but if it’s turning into a pretty common practice, it’s definitely something to be concerned about.

I’ve always thought of technology as a very good learning tool to have in schools, but it seems that it may have come too far and has started to do more harm than good. I can see cell-to-cell video coming in the near future (see TV service on Sprint), but what new doors of “cyber bullying” will that open?

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  1. Ron

    An excellent website for those interested in bullying prevention is This site features information from bullying prevention expert Gail Nachimson.

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